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About Zakládání staveb, a. s.

The Zakládání staveb Co. has had a long lasting tradition and experience in the field of special foundation engineering used for industrial, transport, housing and water engineering constructions. Another important sphere of action includes environmental projects including redevelopments of lansliding grounds.
There is a common denominator to all these listed activities – the contact with geotechnical environment, either earth or ground formations. Depending on the  method of a structure foundation, underpinning of an existing structure or securing either a foundation pit or a stope of an underground structure, there is always one of the special foundation technologies carried out by our company available.



Modernization of the railway line Plzeň–Rokycany

The project „Modernization of the railway line Rokycany–Pilsen" is part of the modernization IIIrd Railway Transit Corridor (TRC) Cheb–Pilsen–Prague–ČeskáTřebová–Ostrava–Mosty u Jablunkova, to its realization the Czech Republic has committed itself under international agreements. The purpose of the construction is to achieve a higher technical parameters of the railway line to increase line speed to 160–200 km/h, shortening travel times and increasing rail safety and comfort for passengers.

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