Zakládání staveb, Co. has finished main works on Charles Bridge piers No. 8 and 9 protection

Zakládání staveb, Co. as the main contractor has finished main building works on protection envelopes around two piers of The Charles Bridge No. 8 and 9. At present (September 2005) sanitation works of both piers veneers inside coffer dams have been waged.

We are presenting in the Zakladani journal, Volume 2/05, detail informations on the repair procedure of this unique building monument from the view of the most important construction participants, which is accessible on these web pages. There you can browse picture overview of all construction procedure since November 2005 until August 2005.

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Photo 1 |
Philosophy of protection of piers No. 8 and 9 fundaments by an envelope hitting till into a bedrock.
Photo 2 |
Lay-out of the pier No.8 with marking of used technologies and a spot of investigative probe.
Photo 3 |
Pier No.8 repair - Stage 1.
Photo 4 |
Pier No.8 repair - Stage 2.
Photo 5 |
Pier No.8 repair - Stage 3.
Photo 6 |
Dismantling of old structure rests and deepening of a bottom in a pier vicinage with help of a grab.
Photo 7 |
Installation of flat sheet piles ARBED AS 500 4 m long with welded bushings 273/7 mm.
Photo 8 |
Vibrating of flat sheet piles by the machine SENNEBOGEN SM 15 with the vibrator ICE 230.
Photo 9 |
Vibrated flat sheet piles ARBED AS 500 with welded bushings 273/7 mm made the first part of a newly created protecting envelope.
Photo 10 |
Execution of jet grouted columns from pontoons under the arch of The Charles Bridge by the rig Hütte 200/2.
Photo 11 |
Completing works of protecting envelope closing and sealing of the space for digged probe beside the pier No.8.
Photo 12 |
Preboring of holes with a flight auger by the rig Soilmec SR 12 for consecutive vibrating of sheet piles Larssen IIIn.
Photo 13 |
Vibrating of sheet piles Larssen IIIn by the resonantless vibrator ICE RF 18 on the carrier RDK 300 from the crane vessel Jantar.
Photo 14 |
Closed envelope from sheet piles Larssen IIIn at a front part of the pier after partial drawing down.
Photo 15 |
Reinforcing tubes 194/10 mm before drilling by the TUBEX method to columns of jet grouting.
Photo 16 |
Sealing of a transition between the sheet pile wall around pier heads and the protective envelope under the bridge by jet grouting.
Photo 17 |
Works in the space of the drowed down coffer dam between the pier and the closed protective envelope before execution of a reinforced concrete beam.
Photo 18 |
Anchoring reinforcement in heads of reinforcing tubes of the protective envelope in the area of a future reinforced concrete beam.
Photo 19 |
The digged archeologic probe in a cased coffer dam for the invenstigation of fundaments of the pier No.9 with exposed mill stone.
Photo 20 |
Concreting of the reinforced concrete beam from the concrete C 25/30-XA1, which will close the newly built protective envelope from the upper side.

Photo | Libor Štěrba