Underground line IV.C/2 - 2nd phase Ládví - Letňany

Intensive works are currently being carried out on the construction of the 4th operating section of the C line of the Prague underground. These works include securing foundation pits for excavated track sections and new underground stations. The whole line is divided into several construction sections named SO 08 - SO 14. The Zakládání staveb Co. is realising works on the following sections:

  • » SO O8 Ládví station - returning rails (for the Subterra Co. contractor),
  • » SO 09 Track section Ládví-Prosek I (for the Subterra Co. contractor),
  • » SO 10 Prosek I station (for the VSB Co. and ŽS Brno Co. contractors),
  • » SO 11 Track section Prosek I - Prosek II (for the STRABAG Co. contractor),
  • » SO 14 Letňany station (for the Subterra Co. and Metrostav Co. contractors)

Securing foundation pits for the above mentioned construction sections in principle follows the same pattern. It consists in anchoring retaining walls with lagging or anchored pile walls with sprayed concrete.

Text: Ing. Marcel Kušta, Zakládání staveb Co.
Photo: Libor Štěrba

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Photo 1 |
SO 08: View of the driven tunnel portal in the Ládví-Prosek section. The left wall of the foundation pit is made of rider bracing with lagging anchored over steel straps in three levels. The right wall of the foundation pit is carried out by driven piles of 600 mm in diameter and anchored over three levels of steel straps as well.
Photo 2 |
SO 09: Foundation pit for a driven track section Prosek-Ládví. Drilling of anchors with the HBM12 CB drilling set in the room over the portal.
Photo 3 |
SO 11: Foundation pit of an excavated track section Prosek I - Prosek II - westward view to SO 10. Soil excavation and lagging installation are carried out.
Photo 4 |
SO 14: View of the foundation pit of the Letňany station. Lagging between the 1st and 2nd anchoring level is carried out.