Reconstruction of the Lahovice bridge

The twin bridge across the Berounka River in Lahovice has recently come to the end of its service time. Zakládání staveb, a.s. operates driving and groundworks for the Metrostav, a.s., division 4, and is now realising a foundation of a provisional bridge under pillars 3 and 4 of this twin bridge.

Single-row cofferdams with 100 pieces of sheet piles IIIn 8 and 9 mm each are fixed to the river bed and strutted with a frame right above the water level. The cofferdam insides are dewatered and filled up with compacted aggregate. The works are realised from the ship unit Hanka. Next stage of the works is planned to start in the near future and it will include driving from the river banks near the pillars 2 and 5, making dividing walls between the existing road and the provisional bridge. After an up-stream bridge is laid the cofferdams around the pillars 2 and 3 will be enlarged.

Text: Ing. Daniel Malyk
Photo: Ing. Daniel Malyk

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