Reconstruction of a protection dam on the Vltava River near Veltrusy

A reconstruction of a protection (inundation) dam damaged by last year floods has currently been carried out on the Vltava river near a notable Czech cultural monument – the chateau of Veltrusy.

Zakládání staveb, a.s., is participating in this reconstruction by carrying out a compaction of a dam bank laid under the water level in the river with the use of deep (vibrofloating) compaction technology. The first phase of compaction works started in March and shall take approx. 1 month. During this time around 7000 m3 of gritted dam bank shall be compacted with the deep compaction technology.

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Photo 1 |
General view to a vibrofloating rig during compaction of a part of a fill of a protection anti-flood dam filled under a river level.
Photo 2 |
Detail view to a vibrofloating tool during compaction. A wheel loader is adding an additional material to a tool body and by this a contact of a soil and a tool body during a whole compaction procedure is secured.