Opening foundation of a multifunctional building "U Hájků II"

The Zakládání staveb Co. has currently started works on securing a foundation pit for the multifunctional building "U Hájků II" in the inside block between the streets Na Poříčí and Na Florenci in Prague 1. The two referred courtyards are the one of the former SURPMO Company building and of the house U Hájků. The multifunctional building will have three basements. The foundation depth is set to 7,5 m below the street level at Na Poříčí and approximately 10,5 m below the level of the street Na Florenci.

The Zakládání staveb Co., as a supplier for the main contractor Zakládání Group Co., was subcontracted to carry out jet-grouting to provide sheeting of the foundation pit and underpinning of adjoining basement and basementless houses to the height from 1 m to 10,5 m. This sheeting will be anchored by up to three lines of strand anchors.

A part of the foundation pit sheeting consists of the original diaphragm wall carried out 25 years ago to provide sheeting for the foundation of basements of the neighbouring building "Rudé Právo" in the Na Florenci street. This sheeting structure will be re-anchored in the reverse direction.

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Photo 1 |
Overall view of the inside block with the building under construction.
Photo 2 |
Prior to the works of special foundation to secure the foundation pit started it was necessary to establish a trial field of jet-grouted columns.
Photo 3 |
Underpinning of buildings in the western section of the foundation pit by jet-grouted columns.
Photo 4 |
A part of the foundation pit is sheeted by rider bracing with rammed I-profiles serving as riders.