Modernization of the railway line Plzeň–Rokycany

Modernization of the railway line Plzeň–Rokycany at km 88,063 to 108,300 with the longest new  railway tunnels in the Czech Republic

The project „Modernization of the railway line Rokycany–Pilsen" is part of the modernization IIIrd Railway Transit Corridor (TRC) Cheb–Pilsen–Prague–ČeskáTřebová–Ostrava–Mosty u Jablunkova, to its realization the Czech Republic has committed itself under international agreements. The purpose of the construction is to achieve a higher technical parameters of the railway line to increase line speed to 160–200 km/h, shortening travel times and increasing rail safety and comfort for passengers. This will be achieved comprehensive modernization, coupled with a significant shortening of the current track of about 6,1 kilometers.

On the whole section modernized line there are many building objects, of which the most important are the tunnels Ejpovice with extensive preportal notches.

At a distance of approximately 700 m in front of the tunnel portal, the railway route sinks below ground level and up to the portal is kept in a huge notch, in which the portal site reaches a depth of 17 meters. The width of the notch varies from 30 to 50 m in the portal site.

Sheeting of a ca 700 m long notch in front of the entrance tunnel Homolka, from which the excavation of the southern Ejpovice tunnel began, was realized by Zakladani staveb, Inc., with using anchored pile walls.or micro-braces and on smaller parts then shotcrete and nailing.