Kriváň – redevelopment and completion of a building at The I. P. Pavlova Square

Large redevelopment of the building of a former hotel Kriváň laying at The I. P. Pavlova Square has been realized now by the Bouygues Co. Static securing of a deep shape complicated building pit inside of a surrounding city block and a vicinity of the Prague underground station has been realized by emloyees of Zakládání staveb, Co., according to their own design documentation in the end of 2002

A former hotel building was closed and has been gradually derelicted. A new investor has been looked for a long time to build a new nodern economically self-sufficient object at a high profitable place in The City center. A new project of a complete redevelopment consisted of a total demolition of the building except of both historical facades. An interior has been lowered to the depth of 13 m under a square level. For the construction a method „top and down“, unique in The Czech Republic, has been choosen.

The building pit has been secured with the extensive scale of special geotechnical works – bored piles, micropiles, strand anchors, anchor nails, jet grouting for underpining of existing foundations, shotcreet reinforced by a steel Kari net for securing of braced areas. Static securing had to eliminate a negative influence to The Metro station at a close vicinity of the building pit towards to The Legerova Street.

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Photo 1 |
A steel bracing discretionary protected facade of the original building.
Photo 2 |
Earthworks under a ceiling slab.
Photo 3 |
View to the foundation pit – right anchored pile walls, left a part of an object built by a „top and down“ method.