Jeneweinova retention dam in Brno and realization of its support

The support of an excavation for retention basin with diameter of 32,8 m, 20,8 m deep was designed with monolitic diaphragm wall shaped to regular 45-hedron composed of 15 three-cut panels of diaphragm wall 30 m high. Diaphragm wall is statically functioned as a closed ring arch radially loaded by ground load. Due to designed arch efect of a support a maximum accuracy of panels execution  was necessary, because any larger deviation from optimal shape could jeopardize a static function of the structure. For stability securing of a basin bottom hardening of soil under the bottom by jet-grouting was designed. Securing of an excavation for inflow channel by diaphragm wall was a part of the design too.

Name of the structure:
Reconstruction of a railway junction in Brno; Municipal infrastructure, phase IV., C.4 Ground structures and Engineering, SO 06-27-30.1 Protection of public interests, sewerage – Jeneweinova retention dam
Investor: The City of Brno
General designer: PÖYRY Environment, Co.
Design of the foundation pit sheeting and inlet gutter: FG Consult, Ltd.
Design of the built-in structure:  ARCADIS Bohemiaplan, Ltd.
Generální contractor: IMOS Brno, a. s.
Sheeting of the foundation pit and inlet gutter: Zakládání staveb, Co.
Geotechnical monitoring: ARCADIS Geotechnika Co.