Foundation works at the Korunní dvůr premise have been finished

The first part of reconstruction of the former Municipal Brewery in the area of Vinohrady was finished by excavating of almost 100 hundred thousand cubic metres of soil. The Zakládání staveb Co. finalised works of special foundation that will enable construction of a large housing development and other premises intended to be used for social and cultural purposes, including underground garages. The reconstruction will preserve some of the original buildings, involving a historical malt plant with vaulted ceilings, a block of houses along the Korunní Street and two brewery towers with chimneys, which make for traditional dominant features of this area of Prague.

The Zakládání staveb Co. was commissioned to case the foundation pit, to carry out the earthworks and to underpin the brewery-house towers. These works represented the most interesting and most delicate part of the special foundation works carried out within this construction. With the use of micropiles, micropile trestles, anchoring and sprayed concrete both towers and a part of the malt plant were successfully preserved from the historical point of view and distilled into the future construction.

The Zakládání staveb Co. has fixed more than 1000 m of micropiles within this construction. Casing of the foundation pit that stretches up to 11 m of depth in several places was carried out on a total area of 3 281 m2, a total of 2700 m of anchors were fixed here.

Apart from the historical buildings of the Municipal Brewery the Korunní dvůr premises will also include four new housing developments (with five to seven floors) and a ten-floor housing tower. This tower will be located on a small square created between the original and the new developments. In addition to 250 flats the place will offer small shops, a fitness centre, restaurants and offices. The underground area - under the green and water areas - will be used for underground garages with 450 parking places.

History of the place

The Municipal Brewery in the area of Královské Vinohrady was founded by prominent businessmen from the Vinohrady quarter in 1890. The brewery produced beer, malt and even ice. According to the historical records its beer was outstanding and the black lager from the Municipal Brewery was prescribed by Prague's practitioners as an effectual medicine for miscellaneous ailments of both body and soul. The brewery took water from its own well and it made up to 150 thousand hectolitres of beer annually.

In the 1920s a part of the premises was taken up by filming studios. After the 2nd World War the brewery was put under the state ownership, which meant end of beer making at Vinohrady. The premises started to decay and later on they become a malt plant of the Staropramen brewery. In recent years the place served as a storage house and in 2000 it was destroyed by a devastating fire. Three quarters of the premises at all the floors were hit and the main building did not keep more than its circumferential walls.

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Photo 1 |
View from the northern tower into the open foundation pit secured by rider bracing.
Photo 2 |
Two brewery-house towers will be reconstructed and distilled into the new premises.
Photo 3 |
Underpinning the columns of the southern wall of the former malt plant with micropile trestles.
Photo 4 |
Drilling holes for anchors nearby the southern tower.