Flood control measures of the capital city of Prague - section 21 Lesser Town - Kampa

One of the elements of the flood control measures of the capital city of Prague is its section no. 21, starting at the pile no.11 of the Charles Bridge, running obliquely to the river along the Kampa Park restaurant and ending up on the left bank of the Čertovka Channel mouth to the Vltava River.

Within this section the Zakládání staveb, Co. has currently been carrying out a reinforced concrete construction of a steel gate "garage" that closes up the Čertovka Channel mouth automatically when the Vltava River reaches its two-year (or higher) water level. This construction is made of reinforced concrete monolithic 0,80m thick cut-off walls fixed into impermeable subsoil - ordovician shale - that can be found in the depth of 9m under the working platform level. The continuous cut-off wall is complemented by 7 cross lamellas forming supports for the reinforced concrete hard box that makes the actual steel gate "garage".

The photos show a set for carrying out cut-off walls with a hydraulic grabber SOILMEC, a cofferdam for the realisation of cut-off walls secured with sheet-pile walls and the actual concreting of lamellas of the cut-off walls.

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