Collectors Centre I. A - Vodičkova line

Intense works on the driving of service collectors are currently being carried out under the capital city centre. The biggest volume of works is located under the Vodičkova, Školská, Palackého and V Jámě streets, as well as under the Wenceslas Square.

The Zakládání staveb Co. lists among the key suppliers for this technically demanding construction, with its supply of the following works of special foundation:

  • » Securing the existing developments against undesirable falls by underpinning with jet-grouting prior to the collector driving;
  • » Carrying out calottes of stopes and shaft walls of partial sections of the driving with a jet-grouted envelope;
  • » Securing winding shafts lining by installing large-profile drilled through walls

Text: Ing. Martin Čejka, Zakládání staveb Co.
Photo: the author and Pavel Pavlů, Zakládání staveb Co.

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Photo 1 |
Securing the first drilling section from the Š 26 shaft with a VST1 drilling set.
Photo 2 |
The HUCA 01 drilling set in course of carrying out a partial section of the drilling from a partly carried-up tunnel.
Photo 3 |
Securing a stope for a technological splicing chamber TK 17C with an upward jet-grouted envelope drilled with the MSV 742 drilling set.
Photo 4 |
View of the collector driving works under the jet-grouted protective envelope - primary lining.
Photo 5 |
Through-injected soil processed by a testing laboratory for the strength tests under simple compression.
Photo 6 |
Casting the drilling set Cassagrande M5SD in an upright position into Š17 C shaft.
Photo 7 |
Construction facilities for jet-grouting works - they are located at individual construction sites nearby the drilling shafts along the collector line.
Photo 8 |
Lengthwise section through the collector secured for drilling of a jet-grouted envelope.