Barrier-free access shaft to the underground stop Florenc - line B

The Zakládání staveb Co. is currently finishing works in the centre of Prague to carry out primary lining of an excavated shaft planned to be used for building-in an elevator at the underground stop Florenc on line B.

The lining consists of a secant pile wall made of piles 880 mm in diameter and 20 m long, with pile axial spacing 0,67 m. The piles go through quaternary sediments water-logged from the depth of 9,0 m. The pile wall is embedded into shales to the depth of 2,0 m. The shaft has an elliptical ground plan (with axes a = 6,6 m and b = 4,3 m) defined by the limited conditions of the construction site closely adjoining to the arterial expressway. Apart from the piles the primary lining also consists of a reinforced layer of sprayed concrete 200 mm thick to provide for stiff lining allowing resistance to both hydrostatical and ground pressure. Total projected depth of the shaft is 37 m.

Secant piles: Ø 880 mm, 20 m long: 650 m
Sprayed concrete 20 mm thick: 360 m2
Shaft excavation: 560 m3

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